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NatureNurture specialises in customised curriculums for all the boards across the globe, such as CBSE, IGCSE, ICSE and State boards. Our dedicated team of experts conducts a baseline assessment of the partner school and provides complete solutions in terms of aligning their learning outcomes, providing resource material, training programs, orientation sessions, workshops, educator manuals, software, theme mapping, mobile labs, best pedagogic practices, assessments and intervention. The school gets support throughout the year. The weight of the learner’s bag is minimum; the school becomes system driven, the attrition rate of the school comes down, and the growth curve of the school rises.

NatureNurture Junior

Junior Integrated Curriculum | NatureNurture

NatureNurture Junior makes use of thematic units to provide an integrated approach to teaching and learning which is supported by research on how the brain works and how children learn. Learning is a highly integrated process which cannot be easily separated into domains or traditional academic disciplines, such as math, science, and language. Children imbibe by active engagement with their environment and through social engagement with others. They learn about different aspects of a larger topic and this helps them to see connections and start to make their own connections from one experience to another. It also helps them become creative in their thinking.

NatureNurture, a premium school solutions company in India, is renowned for offering smart school solutions and assessing the performance of each student to ensure that every child learns efficiently and discovers newer ways of improvingtheir performance. The entire learning program is supported by resource materials, assessments, and thematic books to ensure that each child learns new things in an innovative and creative manner.

Our curriculum themes in preschool and kindergarten grow from the overall concept of self and of the community. Through them learners are able to further their own self-concept and self-esteem, to learn more about their classmates and people around them, as well as develop a healthy attitude towards their environment.

A judicious mix of technology driven teaching and child centred activities, which encompass multiple intelligences, is used to keep the learners engaged, involved and eager to explore. A strong school-home-connect augments the role of parents as educators so that the learning process continues even when children are not physically in the school.

NatureNurture Middle

Middle Integrated Curriculum | NatureNurture

NatureNurture Middle curriculum is in direct compliance with the NCF National Curriculum Framework (2005), the key focus of which is ‘learning without burden’. It provides numerous opportunities and support to students to stretch themselves cognitively, master concrete information to explore abstract thoughts, practice their research and investigative skills. It facilitates self knowledge, evaluation of options to anticipate consequences before making decisions while helping students develop their emotional, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence. It is one of the most impressive and widely acknowledged school solutions that help students to discover newer ways of completing their routine tasks.

Enhancement of key competencies—thinking, using language, and managing self, relating to others, contributing and making connections with other people—is the cornerstone of our academic planning. Innovation, inquiry, and curiosity are engendered by thinking critically, creatively, and reflectively encouraging students to go beyond STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines and learn to respect themselves and others who are different in culture, languages, and heritage. It involves being honest, responsible and accountable as well as developing consciousness for the environment and ecological sustainability.

Students prosper when there is an implementation of interesting, integrative, challenging and exploratory curriculum that is relevant to their lives. They learn to look across disciplinary boundaries to consider other viewpoints and also begin to compare and contrast concepts across subject areas. Consequently, digital learning becomes meaningful, purposeful and deeper resulting in learning experiences that stay with the student for a lifetime.

NatureNurture Primary

Primary Integrated Curriculum | Nature Nurture

An interdisciplinary approach is at the core of the NatureNurture Primary curriculum which allows the student to learn by making connections between ideas and concepts across different disciplinary boundaries. Students learning in this way are able to apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to another different discipline as a way to deepen the learning experience. It addresses students’ individual differences and helps to develop important, transferable skills. These skills, such as critical thinking, communication and analysis are important and continually develop at all stages of life thereby enabling them to become well-supported, creative and better learners.

NatureNurture offers innovative solutions for schools to ensure that learning maintains its constant pace and delivers knowledge to students in the most creative approach. Discovering innovative solutions, thinking creatively, and then dedicating all their efforts to come up with something that can help the entire group is something that is highlighted during primary learning sessions.

Another unique feature of the learning program is experiential learning or 'learning by doing' which encourages students to directly observe and understand what is happening and to do things for themselves. It is practical, relevant, and engaging—rather than theoretical and decontextualized— so that learning happens everywhere, anytime. The educators take on the roles of facilitators to make learning a constant adventure. This way the engagement and motivational levels are high and retention is greatly enhanced. Most importantly the students adopt a collaborative approach and improve their interpersonal and communicative skills becoming confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

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