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Pooja Agarwal -  Founder and Academic Director

My quest is to transform a somewhat Utopian vision into tangible reality. I have always dreamt of a world that is characterised by peaceful coexistence. This world is peopled with citizens with a heightened sense of responsibility engaged in meaningful pursuits. Since they have come to realise that their survival is interdependent, these citizens have the outmost respect for each other. They lead a balanced life and have a mentally healthy outlook that creates harmony in body & mind. These citizens possess an innate capacity to deal with hardships in a positive way. Joy and sorrow are inevitable aspects of human existence. The competence lies in the ability to deal with them constructively.

There is however a big question that comes along with this picture perfect vision. How can we translate dreams into reality? Dreams are to be realised and I dare to dream the impossible dream. The magic word is “education”. Education begins when two people have the capability of nurturing a new life. The birth of a child is the first step. My quest begins with the thought “How can I enrich the journey of the new being, in practice rather than in theory”?

The answer lies in well structured, carefully planned, accountable and appropriately timed actions that would create children who will respond and react positively to the learning environments. The result would be a happy, empowered, well adjusted and competent individual with a mission to better the world.

In the coming decade we want to create fulfilling learning environments with education that transcends traditional boundaries. The individuals that evolve will be self directed and purposeful.

Our effort is to create process oriented learning environment that are outcome oriented and where knowledge can be applied in practical terms. Whereas theory is often taught in the ideal of a vacuum, the practical is learned through the reality of life. Practical knowledge can often lead to a deeper understanding of a concept through the act of doing and personal experience. I envisage a world where we are instrumental in facilitating, real life connections and through it, change the world. Learning needs to be truly dynamic and reach beyond the boundaries of the classrooms.

Come join me in my educational sojourn and help me dream the impossible dream that would transform this world into a better place.

Pooja Agarwal
Founder Director - NatureNuture Eduserv Pvt. Ltd.

Our Patron

Mrs.LataVaidyanathan,is a veteran educationist who stands dedicated & committed to promotion of child-centered education. She has been a Principal for over 30 years and her last assignment was as the Principal of Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. Currently she is the Director of the TERI Prakriti School, Gurgaon.

She spearheaded burden-free education and is a practitioner of Multiple Intelligence approach to learning & Total Quality Management in education. She is well respected as an educationist both at home and abroad.She undertook many outreach programmes to help community and sensitize students & teachers towards addressing issues concerning equity and diversity among children.Differentiated learning practices isone of her key strength. A transformative visionary, her interest in education on sustainable development and global citizenship, is noteworthy.

She was honoured with the ‘National Award to Teachers’ in the year 2003 by the President of India. She is also the recipient of numerous awards including theDr.Radhakrishnan Award, ‘Bharat Shiromani Award’, ‘MadhavGouravRatna Achievement Award’, ‘International Lifetime Achievement Award 2009’ and ‘Global Warming Reduction Award 2009’, ‘Educationist of the Year Award 2013’ and ‘Lifetime Achievement Award by the Patanjali Trust 2014’.

Her current assignments include being a)Member - Board of Management of National BalBhavan b) Member - Executive Committee of National Council for Education Research & Training c) Independent Director of EdCIL (India) Limited d) Independent Director of MLSL, besides being associated with numerous educational institutions in an advisory capacity.

Lata Vaidyanathan
Our Patron

We at NatureNurture

In a world which is dynamic and filled with the growing needs of education and training, it is becoming quite difficult for schools and teaching facilities to cope with the evolving pace. Modern infrastructure, newer technologies, and the ever-evolving needs of the education industry are driving the focus from just read and write to the creation of innovative ideas, acquiring knowledge, and inculcating values and skills. Learners are encouraged to develop their personal and social skills. Since each learner is unique in his/her own way, NatureNurture ensures that they get ample time and scope to refine their skills and define their focus in life. We strongly believe in the axiom “the child is the curriculum”

Established in August 2012, NatureNurture Eduserv Pvt. Ltd. offers experiential learning and connects the daily school curriculum with real life associations to ensure constant learning, developing a problem-solving attitude, and enhancing decision-making skills. We enable our learners to communicate effectively, to express their thoughts and ideas, honor all living things, share their real-life experiences and forge meaningful relationships. Learners are groomed to be technologically savvy and to become the competent citizens of tomorrow.

NatureNurture’s integrated curriculum is a thematic learning programme that capitalizes on the learners’ existing knowledge through establishing a correlation with different domains of learning. It elevates them to a higher level of thinking and provides a plethora of opportunities in which to be meaningfully engaged, in sync with their interests and intelligences.

The NatureNurture curriculum integrates the following elements :

  • Educator training
  • Multiple Intelligence
  • Transaction tools
  • Learning by doing
  • Multiple sensory approach
  • Best pedagogic practices
  • Procedural guidelines
  • Research and development
  • Reflective teaching
  • Scaffolding
  • New age parenting
Education Management Companies in Delhi

The organization was created with an aim of offering guidance, support, and best-in class facilities to preschoolers, school going children, and learners during their developmental stage. Counted amongst one of the top education management systems in India, the organization works to ensure personality development, improve social behavior, and reinforce manners in your learners. Since each learner's personality, style, pace, and age differs from others, the organization offers specialized support to teens, elementary school age learners, and kindergartners. Aimed at making learning more fun, children are encouraged to take part in age-appropriate learning and life-skills activities to groom them into good human beings as they get older. Acknowledged as one of the most impressive education management companies PAN India, NatureNurture has been honored by the IDA Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The organization offers turnkey solutions for school, pre-school, and other educational institutes to impart knowledge, skills, and perfection in learners, right from the beginning of their educational journey. NatureNurture is poised to serve as a turnkey solution provider to offer specialized support to the global education system. The organization currently has its centers at New Delhi, Chandigarh and Faridabad and is planning to expand its operations in various states PAN India.

Schools get continuous and constant support throughout the academic session that includes a plethora of activities. The highlights of our initiatives are:
  • Great facilities, interesting games, engaging activities, varied classes and much more
  • At NatureNurture, we believe that energy, enthusiasm, and exploration open the door to new learning concepts, adventure, enlightenment, and concentration.
  • We offer great scope for growth, basic manners and etiquette, learning, individualized recognition, conflict resolution, respect for self and others, and having fun, fun, and more fun!
  • We are a team of experienced and trained professionals to help your children stay encouraged and learn all forms of expression, including sounds, body language, words, basic sign language, art, music, sports, critical thinking, and dramatic play.
  • We encourage learners to role-play to help them explore solutions on their own and polish their problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • We believe that no one is perfect, but perfection can be attained with constant effort, dedication, and hard work.
Let Them Explore Their Imaginations and Horizons to the Fullest!

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Head - Pedagogy & Transaction

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