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The successful implementation of any new curriculum involves thoughtful planning and hard work on many levels. The forte of the NatureNurture curriculum is the strong augmentation and auditing of the teaching-learning process.

Augmentation involves the implementation of the methodology and pedagogy in the NatureNurture classroom. The educators are constantly empowered to imbibe and deliver the curriculum to the learners. Various teacher trainings & workshops are conducted to help educators in discovering new and improved ways to deliver learning sessions to innocent minds.

Counted amongst one of the most reliable teacher training & workshops companies in India, NatureNurture intervenes in the classrooms to support, facilitate and scaffold the teaching-learning process. The team lays emphasis on enlivening the teaching methodology and ensuring that each learner learns holistically. It offers a dynamic and integrated approach to education and implements it impeccably.

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Audits characterise the NatureNurture initiatives and serve to look into evidences with respect to assessments. Assessment addresses the holistic development of the learner. Audits take place on a weekly and quarterly basis. Audits are constantly video graphed and reviewed by a talented team of professionals. They are diagnostic as well as remedial in approach where the performance of every learner is scaffolded, intervened (if required), and above all, celebrated. The implementation of the NatureNurture curriculum is so meticulous that no learner goes unnoticed.

NatureNurture also provides endless opportunities for the stakeholders to be active participants in the learning process. They value the interchange of ideas and responsibilities between the school, the NatureNurture team, and the stakeholders to design and introduce an effective and useful teacher training course in India.

Designing and implementing a long-term, well-articulated plan requires a diverse team with a strong leader and a shared vision of what effective teaching and learning can and should look like. Communication about the plan needs to be clear and consistent, so that stakeholders know what is expected of them, and what resources are available to support them in their work. NatureNurture keeps all channels of communication constantly open to implement and evolve its dynamic curriculum.

Heading towards improving the aspects of teacher training in India, NatureNurture is now introducing augmented reality classroom trainings and videos to help educators learn new technologies before they actually teach the learners. Augmented reality in education and training plays a vital role to connect present to the future, and takes it ahead for more innovative and creative solutions. Adopting these changes can help a traditional school to become modern overnight, and deliver information and learning in the most exciting and curious manner.

Join Hands to Empower Students With Modern Learning Techniques and Prepare Them for a Challenging Future Ahead!

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