Naturenurture mobile innovation labs have brought stream (science, technology, reading & writing, engineering, arts & math) methodology into the classroom on trolleys that create wonderful learning spaces within the walls of the classrooms. They are affordable by all & deliver hands-on, authentic, & exciting learning experiences.

These solutions are time saving as they are available to the children in the classrooms. Therefore, we must look beyond single domain only labs like language labs in schools they are well crafted, organized, scientifically planned & intriguing for learners. They help derive maximum benefit from limited space available.

In this highly competitive world, where students will be competition with millions of other minds in the outside world, one language is not just enough. Language labs for schools is an innovative approach by NatureNurture to bring more exposure to foreign languages and help students in learning and adopting them with fluency. Having a lab for language in school not only brings excitement amongst the students to learn new things but also prepares them to share their thoughts, innovative ideas and experiences with global students effectively.

These labs are mapped with the curriculum & are meticulously planned to deliver & enhance the teaching learning process & develop learners’ 21st century skills include all domains that ordinarily are covered in language labs for schools.

What Can a Language Labs for Schools Do?

A multitude of aids to choose from, each mobile innovation lab contains a number of age appropriate, child friendly & easy to handle educational aids. Each set is large enough to engage a class with 30 learners & supports the educator in integrating various domain areas in her lessons. The learners build knowledge as well as skills like critical thinking, problem solving as they interact with the material in the mobile innovation labs. These labs come with details transactional plans & videos.

Carrying various new technologies & innovative products, such as picture boards, bee bots, qobo, pictures stimulus cards, coding, symmetry cards, etc. The mobile innovation comes equipped with almost everything that can help learners experiment & innovate. Look no further for labs for your school.

Be it mobile, innovation, math or even language lab in school, everything is highly important to contribute towards your student’s growth, innovative thinking, critical thought process, problem-solving ability and self-confidence.

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