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NatureNurture customizes curriculums according to the requirements of the Boards followed by the schools. The National Curriculum Framework highlights the point that one glove does not fit all and that there is a pressing need for differentiated instruction and diversity in the curriculum. We are one of the few organizations that designs curriculums to custom fit the school Board’s requirements. We are not limited merely to the Indian boards but cater to the material and resource developments of IB and IGCSE boards in sync with their learning outcomes.

The Need of Having Customized Content

To seek a better understanding of the academic concepts and projects, it is important to ensure that the curriculum is fully customized. Customization can be done to meet the specific needs, interests, and learning style of the institution or student. We, at NatureNurture, assess several aspects of learning styles, languages, concepts, and training to ensure that the final customization are easily adaptable and understood by the targets. The customization can make the entire course or CBSE / NCERT content available on the web to eradicate the need to buy NCERT textbooks online and to offer the ease of accessing course materials anytime, anywhere.

CBSE Textbooks Online for Pre Schools

How We Customise the Content

The customization in content is an amazing alternative to the regular curriculum. Curriculum consultants and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) get in touch with institutions and educators to understand their needs and to create the curriculum for each class. The consultants prepare a specific list of recommended materials, including books, interactive activities, gaming content, cloud content, CD-ROMs, videos, etc., to help you in choosing the medium and alternatives that suit the current requirements of content customization.

Changing Dynamics of the Content and Its Success Story

Discarding the traditional learning system, the modern schools and education systems are now using graphics, videos, audio clips, and the Internet to encourage active participation from students. The modern schools are using advanced learning techniques along with CBSE books to combine the learning sessions with an informative and innovative approach.

Killing the traditional curriculum’s boredom, the new and improved learning materials offer learning and understanding at a much faster pace with a hint of excitement and curiosity.Since the traditional education system is unable to meet the ever-growing needs of the modern school system, content customization helps in focussing on crucial details of complex projects and learning concepts to ensure that students understand everything clearly and quickly.

Experience the change in Education. Forget rote learning and embrace learning by doing with NatureNurture.

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