There are hundreds of school book publishers in India creating content for our schools but how do you evaluate which preschool book publishers or pre primary book publishers’ content is ideal for your school.

School book publishers in India often just focus on incorporating the dose of learning in the syllabus and forget about making learning fun. Adding the innovation and creative subjects in books are not just meant for pre primary books publishers but is applicable at every stage of the modern education system. School books are the connecting link between classroom and after-school learning cycles, hence, they should build interest in the subject rather than just imparting theoretical knowledge.

NatureNurture is a smart school solutions provider and an excellent course designer for every class, labs and school activities. We are amongst the leading Preschool book publishers in India, who supports the idea of bringing thematic workbooks, innovation labs, and language labs in schools.

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Naturenurture’s thematic, integrated and developmentally appropriate learning programme ensures holistic development and transports learners to the highest level of thinking, which is creation. It provides daily opportunities to develop skills like communication, decision making, leadership, creativity, research, problem solving, independent thinking and teamwork. It also generates gender sensitivity, empathy, leadership, citizenship, climate awareness, equity and creativity.

The most innovative aspect of the NatureNurture learning programme is that it is bespoke, celebrating diversity, yet maintaining uniqueness - an equity based platform which integrates a multitude of domains addressing global as well as local dimensions. Naturenurture is not a school book publisher, but the creator and curator of learning programs.

NatureNurture consistently finds diversified ways of addressing the social-emotional needs of the learners weaving it well in the educational fabric seamlessly.

We have a dedicated team to design individualised education programmes to address the different abilities of children with specific needs such as those with, dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, adhd, etc.

Another aspect that makes NatureNurture learning programme stand head and shoulders above others is its malleability and flexibility; it can be melded and customized to cater to demographic and individual needs of every partner school. Ordinary school book publishers may not be able to customise the books for each specific school, but with the naturenurture learning program, customisation is an essential element.

Naturenurture curriculum does not adhere to a particular teaching style or methodology. Instead it innovates a judicious mix of the latest pedagogies and methodologies such as constructivism, task-based learning & Singapore math, along with tried and tested ones such as montessori method, multiple intelligences, social learning theories to develop plans and activities that provide differentiated instructions.

Continuous research and development ensure that the NatureNurture curriculum reinvents itself with each passing year.

Last but not the least NatureNurture is one stop solution to all 21st century innovative educational requirements at a very learner and parent friendly cost.

Take a step forward and connect with us to know more about our exciting school solutions and make a move confidently. Go beyond the syllabus provided by the school book publishers in India and add competitiveness, creativity, innovation and age-advanced learning solutions to your school.

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