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Growth and development are the two prime aspects of modern education and they both impact your child’s future, if implemented correctly.. The modern education system requires a lot of educational aids, learning and fun activities, engaging processes, and innovative curriculum planners to ensure proper growth and development of your child. Awareness will make your child’s future brighter and so it becomes the duty of school and parents to support their wonderful kids with amazing learning solutions and schooling aids that can help them in discovering their hidden capabilities.

As the result of last 20 years' sincere work, NatureNurture is accredited as the one of the leading education management companies, which offers complete school solutions in India. Our complete school solutions offer integrated curriculum lesson plans, education support plans, mobile monitoring, STEAM and Mobile Innovation labs, thematic workbooks, and other digital learning support solutions that can help your kids to be groomed faster and with great efficiency.

Our Games and Aids support help parents and teachers to organize some amazing yet engaging extracurricular activities for kids that not only helps them to stay fit, but also challenge their mental and physical strengths to make them a complete package.

Research & Development | NatureNuture Eduserv Pvt. Ltd.
We, at NatureNurture, have developed a multitude of processes to create efficient learning systems. We are an organization whose experience goes beyond just one school.
The advantage of a structured process that brings uniformity to school systems and increases the outreach by ensuring excellent academic and co-curricular quality in the transaction of our process includes:
  • Settling the learners in the transition period
  • Eliminating the anxiety of young parents
  • Orienting the young educators about the transition programmes
  • Setting up of goals and learning outcomes
  • Development of customized curriculum
  • Executing audit programmes
  • Regulating the teaching learning process
  • Establishing a home school connect
  • Empowering the educator with the best teaching learning practices following excellent pedagogical principles
  • Developing assessment systems for schools, educators and learners
  • Aligning the intervention programme
  • Synchronizing the lesson plans with Innovation labs, language labs etc

Our processes are designed to support and enhance the best aspects of the teaching learning processes.

If you are planning to fill up the preschool application form for your young ones, then give NatureNurture a chance to help you in realizing the hidden potential of your child!
  • The school gets the benefit of getting ready made curriculum that is developmentally appropriate with latest approaches to child development, absolutely free of cost.
  • The teachers get orientation from experts, which help them evolve as mentors themselves.
  • Parents Handbook gives guidelines to the parents to stay connected to the ongoing topic and become educational partners in the process of transaction.
  • The paraphernalia of the curriculum takes into consideration the individualized learning needs of the children.
  • All the products are the result of intensive research, development and successful implementation by experts in the field of education, psychology and child development.

Research & Development

NatureNurture creates uniform platforms and systems which are not individually governed. The school is governed by these systems. The institution creates lifelong learners who explore a multitude of avenues and find the purpose of their lives. They become global citizens who are aware of peace, environment, humanitarian values and are savvy members of a global community. They are the prospective nation builders of tomorrow and are trained to make a significant contribution to society.

The NatureNurture curriculum has caused a paradigm shift in the perspective of educators from conventional to progressive. Their knowledge is extended and their mental horizons expanded by exposure to international educational theories, renowned and significant approaches which help to foster a better understanding of the learners with respect to diversified learning styles, socio-psychological development, strengthening of subject related learning and its integration with co curricular activities. Educators are empowered to understand that learning is a dynamic and universal process. The NatureNurture pedagogy is responsible for every learner achieving his or her potential despite of demographic constraints.

The focus of the NatureNurture curriculum is to empower schools, empower learners as well as empower educators. The educators and trainers of the NatureNurture Integrated Curriculum Enabled (NICE) schools are talented and highly motivated. They are professionally trained to make optimal use of flexible curricular materials and state of the art technology.

The NatureNurture integrated curriculum is highly flexible, yet structured with regard to its progressive teaching methods, classroom environment, and assessment and evaluation processes. The curriculum is so crafted that it percolates down the system to the learner who is gifted as well as to the learner who needs support.

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