The first 5 years are the most crucial for the development of a child’s brain. As a school, it is your responsibility to ensure that kids get exposed to as many new concepts as possible. The curriculum in the school plays a significant role in imparting the right education. That’s where NatureNurture comes into the picture.

Need for the Right Curriculum
There’s no dearth of pre-primary schools or say playschools in today’s world. But, all playschools aren’t the same. This is one reason why some of the schools have a long list of parents who want the child to get admission, while others have to stay satisfied with a bunch of students. So, what is it that can change the course of a playschool? The answer is - curriculum.

A curriculum is no longer restricted to a few pages with detailed monthly activities for every class. It is a book that holds the secret to developing a child’s brain in the best possible way. That is why NatureNurture emphasizes on a customized pre-primary curriculum for your school.

Is Curriculum A Real Game Changer?

The answer is a Big Yes. At NatureNurture, we have been closely working with some of the renowned schools, helping them implement a curriculum that is best for their students. Over the years, we have seen tremendous progress in terms of how students respond to the customized curriculum as well as the operational part of the school. From rising the learning curve to reducing students’ attrition rate - the right curriculum can make a lot of difference.

Pre-primary Curriculum
NatureNurture Junior, our pre-primary curriculum provides an integrated approach to teaching and learning with thematic units. We ensure that children engage with their environment to learn different aspects. This planned teaching helps them connect with other things on a larger level, and thus give their thinking a more creative outlook.

Primary School Curriculum
Our primary school curriculum focuses on enhancing communication skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking abilities of students. We keep an interdisciplinary approach as the focal point while designing this curriculum. This way, students are able to apply the knowledge gained in one discipline to another discipline.

Middle School Curriculum
Our Middle school curriculum is in compliance with the National Curriculum Framework, focusing on imparting learning without burden. Students are made to implement their research skills, explore abstract thoughts, and stretch themselves cognitively. The approach has a positive impact on the interpersonal, intrapersonal, and emotional intelligence of students.

Want a Customized Curriculum for your School?
NatureNurture is not a run-of-the-mill platform. We constantly endeavor to contribute to the education sector with our innovative solutions. That’s why we believe in offering customized curriculum to match the needs of your school. For questions and discussions, we are just a call away.

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