Personality development in children is necessary at an early age. Since school is the second home for a child, it is their responsibility to provide an environment that nurtures different aspects of students. Many schools have realized the importance of personality development, and are already working on it. NatureNurture is proud to be associated with educational organizations that believe in the overall growth and development of a child.

Overall Development at Pre and Primary Level

It is true that playschools and primary schools have a significant impact on the personality development of a child. NatureNurture believes that improving the methods of imparting knowledge in students at an early age can be of immense help.

Not many schools know the actual meaning of overall development. While organizing annual functions, school fairs, cultural programs and sports days do help in shaping up the personality of students, this is not enough. Teachers should assess students based on how they interact with friends and teachers, how actively they participate in different activities, and on other criteria.

All these pointers when taken care of, especially at the pre and primary level can make a big difference to the overall development of a student. These make the child more confident, a team player, and willing to learn new things.

How to Shape Up a Child’s Personality?
Personality development in children starts in their early years. NatureNurture works closely with schools to prepare pre and primary level curriculum that focuses on the overall development of a child. Some of the aspects that we cover include:

Social Skills
Irrespective of how intelligent a child is, if they are not able to interact confidently with people, they might not make full use of their potential. This is why it is important to impart social skills in students. Schools should not overlook the importance of emotional and social development in children. Having certain activities and workshops in the curriculum that focus on improving social skills in students can help.

New-age learning is seen as the next big revolution in the education industry. While many schools are still comfortable with the traditional ways of teaching, others are setting higher benchmarks. Technology as a learning tool is great if utilized properly. NatureNurture helps schools go digital with its mobile labs, video content, online tutorials, and other solutions.

Why Not Associate with Us?
NatureNurture believes in empowering schools with the best of solutions that help in the overall development of students. When you want customized curriculums, training modules, mobile labs, and other assistance, our team will be happy to help.

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