Naturenurture mobile innovation labs have brought stream (science, technology, reading & writing, engineering, arts & math) methodology into the classroom on trolleys that create wonderful learning spaces within the walls of the classrooms. The math lab for school is integrated in the stream lab.

Math lab for school is important to boost analytical and problem-solving ability in your students. These labs contribute towards their success, confidence and competitiveness. If you think about adding the maths lab for school to the curriculum of your school, then your students can innovate, be creative, and discover newer ways to resolve math problems.

Math Lab for Schools


Naturenurture mobile innovation labs are a solution to paucity of space & funds faced by schools. NatureNurture mobile labs are compact stream labs on wheels. Common lab for primary school and primary school.


The contents of the versatile & consumer friendly mobile lab can be customised to suit the demographic & social needs of schools pan India for different grades & levels, making sure that each piece contributes towards maximising learning.


The mobile labs provide affordable alternatives for labs to all schools-big or small; thus ensuring that every learner, irrespective of the school she attends, has access to the very best. Being mobile, they can be shared by all the sections of a particular class, ensuring that the school does not have to buy individual trolleys for each section or class. Instead of spending separately on just math lab for the school, adopt the trans-disciplinary approach.

Activities Mapped with the Curriculum:

NatureNurture labs are mapped with the school’s curriculum & enhance the teaching learning process. NatureNurture labs replace rote memorization and ensure that learners build knowledge as well as skills as they interact with the material in the labs which come equipped with almost everything that can help learners experiment & innovate. Each lab contains a variety of age appropriate & contextual educational aids.

Promotes out of the Box Thinking & Innovation:

As learners engage in the mobile lab activities, they are provided with numerous opportunities to innovate & think creatively.

Attractive, Interactive & Engaging Material:

The world is talking about active engagement of learners. The NatureNurture mobile lab provides bright, attractive & safe materials and resources that attract the learners’ attention and keep them engaged in meaningful, skill building stream activities that develop a scientific temperament. It facilitates collaborative learning, scientific inquiry, citizenship, communication & problem solving as learners use technology like coding & scratch. The mobile labs bring out the best in limited time due to their highly organized structure.

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