Whenever we talk about International Curriculum, it is primarily based on the learning outcomes for the learners. Whether it is national curriculum or international curriculum, the quality of the curriculum would depend on the learning objectives and outcomes that we set for our learners. We look at the outcome in the terms of what the child would achieve after he clears kindergarten or grades 1 & 2 or at the end of a particular academic session.

What are the Key Factors of Having a SteamLab?

  • The curriculum is planned in such a manner that by the end of a particular class, say Grade 2, before going to Grade 3, the child will be able to achieve a particular set of goals.
  • The bed rock of the International Curriculum is laid by including various different domain areas and by addressing diversified needs of the learners.
  • Most of the progressive International curriculums focus on skill building for 21st century like leadership, citizenship, thinking skills, communication skills, computational skills, etc. (7C’s).
  • The modern education system and International curriculum not only works towards providing education to the students but also pays attention towards preparing them for a better tomorrow.

International Primary Curriculum

NatureNurture very beautifully inculcates these requirements of the International School Curriculum. After complying to the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework, NatureNurture sets Clear Standards for the learners in which the goals and learning outcomes are mapped. Various domain areas are covered to ensure that the primary school curriculum and the Material and Resources provided are in sync with the International Curriculum.

We always aim at combining courseware using various resources and incorporate all the essential things covered under an international school curriculum to ensure that students get optimal learning and exposure to the outside world.

The most regional curriculum can operate at International curriculum if the learning outcomes are determined keeping the key areas in mind. The biggest challenged posed by the International Curriculum is the exposer of the educator who plays the role of a facilitator not the teacher.

The simplest of curriculums can operate at the International Curriculum provided we know the best pedagogic practices across the globe and we do not limit ourselves to learner centric approach. Since google has made all the content so readily available, it is very important for all us to understand that the ability of the child to skim the right kind of information form the knowledge bank is a skill.

We are digital immigrants whereas our children are digital natives. It is the responsibility of an educator in the in tarnation curriculum to make the learners digital citizens and equip them with those skills so that they can figure out which source to refer to, the authenticity of the source, information management, data management, critical thinking in terms of what is relevant in their context.

Under the Instruction parameter of the curriculum, NatureNurture ensures that the educators and teachers are well exposed to the best pedagogies and train them to enhance the teaching-learning process to benefit the learners and make the classrooms interactive and a beautiful place for learning.

International School Curriculum

International Curriculum is all about developing skills from the knowledge base which the child can derive from different sources building their right attitude. According to Harvard Gardner, it is important to develop the right kind of minds. There are 5 kinds of minds, the respectful mind, the ethical mind, the disciplinary mind, the synthesizing mind and the creative mind. While developing the curriculum, when we keep in mind that we have to develop these minds of the learners, the learning expectation will be same across the globe.

When we talk about International Curriculum, we need to address different learning styles, multiple intelligences and we need to have a judicious mix of different pedagogies. We cannot limit ourselves to one particular style be it Maria Montessori, Harvard Gardner or Jean Piaget. International Curriculum also believes in differentiated instructions because every child is unique. Whatever methodology that we are following should be in accordance with the unique needs of the learners.

Curriculum is a very broad term. While developing curriculums, initially we were limiting ourselves to educator centric classrooms, then came the era of learner centric classrooms and now it is learner centric along with maker centric classrooms engaged in hands on learning activities in day to day life.

NatureNurture curriculum is research based and it gives lot of latitude to the children to experiment, explore, investigate, discover. It is customized or bespoke based on the demography, culture and ethnography of the leaners and the school. Like International Curriculum, NatureNurture school curriculum lays a lot of emphasis on Fair Assessment of the teaching-learning process and not the performance of the child.

If the teaching-learning process is in place, the child will automatically perform well. International curriculum also talks about Intervention and lays a lot of emphasis on inclusion of differently abled children with dyslexia, autism, dysgraphia, delayed milestone, etc. International curriculum is definitely the amalgamation of all the six parameters that NatureNurture is offering through its Integrated Learning Programme.

The success of the curriculum depends on the basic framework and the clear standards set at the beginning. All the progressive countries in the world have a team that conducts a research and finds out the trend 30 years down the line and then set the curriculum for kindergarten and primary grades depending on the futuristic educational need of the children. For example, when the British were ruling India, they needed more clerks and thus they laid more emphasis on rote memorization.

They never let us get into bureaucracy where thinking skills were required and thus kept us away from that kind of education system. Does we still need clerks in our country? Therefore, we need to remove such mental blocks and barriers and look at progressive and futuristic curriculum.

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