Research shows that major economies that were the first to adopt digital aids in their classrooms are switching back to conventional textbooks after an empirical analysis was conducted. Books for school are an integral part of any learning program, be it preschool books or for the senior school. However, the content of these books is pivotal in determining their purpose and role in contributing to the child’s overall holistic development.

For decades in India, we have the practice of comparing various books for school that publishing houses publish, without posing the fundamental question, how do we choose what content should be there in our preschool books, middle school books or senior school books.

We often make the mistake of selecting the books for school, and making the syllabus thereafter. This practice does not guarantee the desired learning outcomes are achieved in the relevant demography. Since preschool is the entry-level to the modern education system, it becomes highly important to focus on the content that we have in books for preschool.

NatureNurture has inverted the process of selecting the books for school by working closely with the schools to ensure their learning outcomes are in place and are relevant to the demography and board they operate under. Once the learning outcomes are clearly defined, NatureNurture customises the books for school beginning right from the preschool books to the senior grades.

This process puts the schools in the driver’s seat and give them direct control over the curriculum development process. Hundreds of schools across the country have benefitted by removal of the middle-man and a direct linkage between the curriculum creators and the curriculum facilitators.

This translates into effective teaching learning practices. The books for school are accompanied by the relevant educator manuals, educational aids, software etc. all mapped to the learning outcomes designed specifically for each school.

Whilst there needs to be a degree of uniformity across schools in similar boards, we truly believe every school’s needs are unique therefore the books for school have to be unique to their needs. We need to update our understanding of books to ensure that we are abreast with the latest innovations and pedagogies from across the world.

NatureNurture’s books for school are thoroughly revised each year based on the latest research from the top Universities in the world. We strongly believe that preschool books are the foundation stones for your student’s educational careers, hence, they deserve the best!

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